5 Ways to Use Wedding Petals for a More Fun and Beautiful Ceremony

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Your special day of exchanging vows won’t be complete without flowers. You need them for your bouquets, decorations, boutonnieres, garlands, floral crowns, and so on. However, buying a lot of blooms can be costly. A more budget-friendly option is wedding petals from roses or other flowers you like. You get to use fewer bunches of blossoms yet still achieve a colourful, aromatic, and romantic setting on your big day. Use these tips for a more fun and beautiful ceremony.


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1. Make an amazing petal carpet for when you say “I do”

Imagine how amazing it would be to exchange vows on a carpet of blooms? If that’s too much for you, you can just decorate the ceremony spot instead. You can create an intricate design or form a heart where you and your soon-to-be-spouse can stand in. Make sure to order from wedding petals Australia suppliers who have your favourite blooms in shades of your chosen motif.

2. Get creative in decorating your aisle

Whether the ceremony is indoors or outdoors, a walkway beautified with petals can make the area look even more picture-worthy. You can line them up on the sides, draw creative patterns on the path, or sprinkle them all over aisle. But if you want a truly amazing entrance, then a bridal walk on a carpet of wedding petals is what you want.

3. Create romantic lighting

A late afternoon ceremony is perfect to set a more intimate and romantic feel for your special day. With the right lighting, you and your guests can surely feel the love. A great idea is to float rose petals in tall glasses, vases, or big bowls. Then place floating candles in the middle. Line these up along the aisle and the ceremony area. You can then use them as centrepieces for the reception. It’s best to find suppliers of wedding petals in Australia who have flowers in hues of your chosen motif to complement the overall theme.

4. Put up a petal bar

Your big day can be more enjoyable for your guests if they are somehow more involved in the program. Setting up a petal bar is a creative way for your family and friends to voluntarily take part in the exit toss. You can put up a cart, table, or even an old dresser in one corner of the ceremony area. Then place baskets, buckets, or bowls of wedding petals. Make sure to also provide paper cones or packets where they can put the floral confetti in.

This allows your guests to mingle with each other and to actually enjoy taking part in the ceremony. The bar will also serve as a fantastic décor piece, and will surely be a favourite spot for photo ops.

5. Let it rain petals

Did you know that flower girls are made to toss petals to grant the bride fertility and to ward off evil spirits? Aside from that, it gives the cute little members of your entourage something fun to do as they walk down the aisle.

Aside from preparing and beautifying the walkway for you, flower petals can also be used for other picture-worthy moments. For example, let a bunch of them drop on you as you do your first kiss. Or take a picture with your bridesmaids as bits of colourful blossoms cascade down.

Have these ideas excited you even more about your big day? Then find wedding petals Australia suppliers have today for your favourite blooms and colours, and begin planning how to incorporate these tips for an even more amazing ceremony. If you love roses, then check out https://freezedriedrosepetals.com.au/freeze-dried-rose-petals.